Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are an exclusive rights provided to each and everyone to have an idea or an invention or to create a design or a brand or to do something innovative or creative. Intellectual Property being a creation of human intellect is similar to any property which can be exclusively use by its owner with a right to prevent and protect/safeguard their inventions or creations from the act of misuse by others without its permission.

It is very well said that “with rights come responsibilities”. In today’s globalized scenario where trade and commerce is crossing all the barriers, it has become inevitable for each and everyone, especially the country to protect its intellectual property because this intellectual property is not merely a movable or immovable property but gives a nation recognition to which it belongs. Hence it becomes mandate not only to protect the rights of the creators or inventors but also to help them fetch adequate commercial value for their efforts in the world market.

Keeping the above in mind, IPR at Click is an initiative which aims at providing its client with all the necessary services with regard to the protection and safeguard of their Intellectual Property under a roof to result into qualitative services at better cost and less time. The services includes in its ambit are:

1. Intellectual Property Creation:
This includes in its ambit conducting official search and providing search report, filing of application and processing of the application till its registration, keeping track record of the filed application, its validity, expiration and renewal.

2. Brand Protection:
This includes in its ambit protecting the brand from the act of misuse, passing-off and infringement and taking all necessary action against such person indulge in mala fide acts by:
  a. sending notices and filing counter statements for such notices;
  b. filing of notice of opposition and its counter statements for and on behalf of the client.

3. Assignment and Licencing of Intellectual Property:
This includes drafting and vetting of agreements for the execution of assignment and licencing of Intellectual Property as per the direction of clients.

4. Intellectual Property Litigation
Preparation of litigation strategy, Company-ordination on counsel engagement and briefings, drafting and vetting of pleadings, drafting and exchanging strategic communications with adversaries in a possible conflict.

5. Investigation and Raids:
We on getting any type of infringement report conduct the investigation and upon getting sufficient proofs, also get the raids conducted with the help of enforcement machinery.