About us :-

“IPR at Click” ” is a specialized and diversified team of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Attorneys who prowess in providing legal and corporate knowledge in the field of IPR to the stated and unstated needs of their clients globally by building a platform which respond to their needs and gives them access to the expertise they require in building a Brand.

Our network of professionals at IPR at Click is a solitary point providing qualitative services in the field of IPR including in its ambit but not limited to consultancy, registration and protection, etc., within stipulated time frame resulting in optimum value-for-money proposition, as today, every business organization whether it’s an individual, firm or a global corporation or a multinational corporate house, all want gamut of services with the right expertise at a click resulting into saving of time and cost rather than lengthy and time consuming mode for finding desired expertise.

At present for every business no matter whether it’s small or a large enterprise its brand, symbol, artistic work, word, signature, combination of color is its recognition apart from being a primary source of its competitive advantage and such a strategic asset need protection which has become a burdensome task for the corporate world as protection of a Brand is protection of its Corporate Identity leading to all business strategies and expansion of future business opportunities.

IPR at Click is a team which aims at providing qualitative services with single window solution to the problems faced by individuals, entrepreneurs and corporate in most simple, comprehensive and economical way of registering their brands and protecting it from all possible infringement, passing-off, etc. from competitors.

So why choose “IPR at Click”?

Unparalleled Value, Quality and Personal Service relentlessly driven by our founding principle to become the greatest Customer-Focused Firm with Affordable IPR representation for All.

Each professional of our team is screened to ensure with the ability to deliver the best to our clients as per their needs with the objective of providing right recourse at the right time.

But words without results are just that—words. So don’t take our word for it. Come and experience the difference yourself. You’ll be glad, you did.

Our motto is to provide Quality Services at the best price within earliest possible timeframe.